Business centre self-service system

The internal communication system has been programmed. Booking, payment, correspondence platforms have been installed.

Verslo Žinios

Programming has been carried out, ensuring prompt publication of news on the biggest business portals in Lithuania.

Ticketing system

A platform for event management and ticketing has been programmed.

A self-service portal and mobile application

Individualized customer self-service system has been installed on the website and mobile applications.

The online image of a leading group

The company's activities technically and visually merged into a single platform.

Online E-trade

Developed standardized sales platform for luxury pleasure craft.

Automated online battery sales

Search and sales system programmed from initial product selection to the final step confirming the purchase.

The updated image of the college

A new web design concept performing representative and image functions has been proposed and implemented.

The top-level conference

A new, promotional website has been developed. A mobile event application has also been programmed.

The distance learning platform

An innovative distance video learning platform has been programmed. It has an integrated option for checking students' knowledge by special control tests.

Lithuanian Banking Association

An interactive data collection and presentation platform has been developed at the request of Lithuanian Banking Association.

A specialized e-shop

By adopting a unique solution - combining e-commerce directly from the customer's ERP systems - an attractive e-Shop has been programmed.

The largest health portal

We carry out continuous implementation of new information technology solutions for the largest health portal in Lithuania.

The updated image of the college

We have implemented a comprehensive change to the website design. A mobile gadget has been programmed.

Klaipeda Free Economic Zone

The online image has been updated in order to attract more investors.

Registration and protection system for items

Our internal project, which has been implemented and is being further actively developed. It has been designed as the system for online marking  of items, which allows registration of valuable items and returning them to the owners, when they are lost.

Gambling Group Website

Website for presentation of individual product

24/7 sports clubs website

Trading company's website

The renewed image of the print house website

The website of the hotel with a unique design

Specialized e-shop of sporting goods

International trading company's website