Let's get acquainted

We work in the market of Internet projects since 2010. As the priority, we focus on innovative projects requiring technical knowledge.


The uniqueness and distinctive style in creating of web sites is not an advantage, but a necessity. Even the websites performing a representation function may contribute to the increase of sales.

Electronic commerce

When creating an e-shop, we focus on development of a functional platform maximizing sales-generation.

Mobile applications

Today, mobile solutions are getting increasingly integrated in the online market . Developed mobile applications turn into a user-friendly communication channel.

IT solutions for companies

We carry out programming for platforms, systems and other tools that help businesses to operate in the digital space. This is our main line of business.

Working culture

We are open and creative. We implement ideas because we believe in them. We value individuality and always seek the maximum result.

  • Continuous improvement

    We like to study in action - thus we grow individually and as a team. We organize internal training, visit exhibitions, public events and other inspiring places.

Google certified

Google Adwords

In 2015, we certified our services in advertising search. This is a service we provide to the clients who wish to compete in the online search engine.

Google Mobile

The current inherent aspect of online competition is website customization for mobile devices. We have been certified in "Mobile Advertising" category.

Google Analytics

Our site traffic analysis monitoring and indicatory data interpretation service helps customers to take reasonable commercial solutions on business processes.

Project management

For implementation of our projects, we take the latest project management techniques as the basis. The maximum result within the shortest period of time is the main principle of our work.

Quality Management Policy



  • Technologies

    We apply innovative managerial tools in our wok. The complexity of the processes carried out, some of which are open to the client, ensures reliable and fast results.

    We use one of the most popular open-source programming language in the world.


We not be so good if we would not know why we are doing all this. We have a strong motivational basis and a clear sense of the future result. This determines success of each our project.

Not working, but creating

We always strive to provide the customer with 30% better performance than he expects. We also dedicate time for development of internal projects, implementation and development of such projects as saskaita123.ltpazymetas.lt and others.

  • Work shall be fun

    We are a strong team! We always celebrate small victories and applaud to our colleagues for the projects implemented at a maximum speed. We like doughnuts, table football and just spending time together.


When developing projects we have relationship with people, not with brands. During process

they all become our friends and colleagues. Let's meet!