Try to become the best

We are open to all IT enthusiasts. The essential criteria which we value are: the belief in the internet as the current and the future driving power, the maximum desire for perfection
and becoming the best in one's field.

Show what you are capable of.

We provide young people interested in programming or studying it with the opportunity of real practice. We accept, teach, introduce  the existing tools and technologies.


What can you be
expected of us

We try to create an employee-friendly and motivating work environment. Our aim is that through teamwork, we would not only realize joint projects, but also would improve individually.

Working with international projects

We implement complex, large-scale internet projects requiring great responsibility. Kyani is the best example illustrating realization of internationally solved tasks.

  • Internal training

    We regularly organize internal training sessions. They are designed to improve the knowledge and to provide with access to the technological innovation in online market.

We appreciate


Community and equal involvement, working in a team is the basis for success of each of our projects. In everyday work, we especially appreciate the collegiality and support.

Desire to excel

Motivation and desire to become the best in one's field is directly related to the curiosity. The employee's individual and team victories are determined by an inner attitude and willingness to learn.


The employee's professional strength is often determined by personal characteristics. We highly appreciate our colleagues' initiative, organizational and motivational support to others.

Travelling and having a good time

We like active leisure. We travel a lot, go fishing, attend exhibitions, organize table football championships.

  • Comfortable working environment

    Our aim is that every employee would feel comfortable. Our office is equipped with ergonomic workstations for each employee, the table football in the leisure zone, and free coffee machine and delicious snacks in the kitchenette.