Today, businesses are becoming more frequent in the digital space. Therefore, a representative online face of the company, shall first of all perform an emotional sales function - shall build confidence in the company and disclose its competitive advantage.

Outstanding graphic design

Visual presentation is a key competitive criterion. All our implemented projects are being developed by forming an individual style of your business.

  • Simple administration and security

    We deliver to our customers a maximally optimized and simplified content management system administration platform. Learning how to use the system takes up to 15 minutes.

Our value created for business

Simpler processes

We make decisions which ensure a more efficient management of your business online.


Only the best in their field are involved in the project implementation process.

Work planning

The specific tasks of the project are planned for a week. Implement intermediate objectives ensure smooth development of the project.

IT solutions for companies

The main goal of each profit seeking company is its financial stability and growth. Sales promotion and implementation of information technologies currently are the main ways to achieve that objective. Implementation of IT solutions is the priority field of our work.

Latest technologies

Implementing web projects we use the latest programming platforms such as Laravel and Angular2. In the project management process, we rely on Agile method and continuous integration tools. We use them to work with multiple versions of a project at a time.

  • Programming of business management systems

    Implement unique information technology solutions often help solving business problems. We focus on the analysis of such problems and propose solutions.

Mobile applications

Modern business environment increasingly focuses on the customers who use smart phones. Establishing personal contact helps to know the user and creates a favourable business communication space.

Mobile apps

We develop mobile gadgets that allow routine services to be carried out much faster and more conveniently. One of our most recent works is a mobile customer self-service system programmed for Impuls sports club.  

  • Optimisation of business processes

    Integrated mobile solutions can have a significant impact on e-commerce sales. We have programmed the mobile ticket sales system for Kyäni Europe AB Company, which generated up to 10,000 tickets sold during one event.

E-commerce solutions

Electronic sales is one of the most promising directions of current business. Pursuing financial business growth, it seems worthwhile to think about offering of services and products in the digital space.

Electronic shops

Attractive design, ease of use and customization for mobile devices are the main criteria that determine the success of an e-shop.

  • Promotion of online sales

    The competitive advantage online is measured by positioning in search engine. For our clients, we provide certified Google AdWords, Mobile Advertising, Optimizer and Google Analytics services.