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UAB IKI Lietuva

Тhe Owner of Supermarket Chain IKI

IKI, a Lithuanian grocery retail chain, had a manual invoicing process in-store, leading to occasional customer and staff complaints. To simplify and streamline the process, Creative Partner provided a solution for online invoicing, which has since been adopted by 88% of customers, freeing up staff time and ensuring accurate invoice processing. The tailored solution was designed to meet IKI’s specific needs, implemented quickly, and easily adopted by the staff.

Invoices Annually
Online Invoicing
4 Mo
Implementation Time
Team Size

IKI Optimizes Invoicing Process

The Creative Partner’s solution for IKI’s invoicing problem has been a great success. The tool has led to an exponential increase in the number of invoices processed, with over 280,000 issued to date. Despite no advertising or PR efforts, the invoice generator now accounts for 88% of IKI’s invoicing, with 10,000 invoices issued per month. The user-friendly solution was tailored to meet IKI’s specific needs, resulting in an efficient and reliable tool that exceeded their expectations.
Creative Partner tackled the project with impressive speed, inventive solutions, and unwavering reliability.

Erika Skorupskaitė,
UAB IKI Lietuva,
Project Manager


a Norwegian telecommunications infrastructure provider

LinjeProff AS designs, builds, and maintains telecommunication networks in Norway. In 2016, they encountered challenges with manual task management, leading to confusion among their staff. After analysing their processes, they partnered with us to create a customised solution that optimised their workload management. This led to improved overall operations and enabled LinjeProff to achieve 10x growth in just six years.

10x growth
In operations in 6 years
15 years
In the market
ISO 9001 & 14001
International Standarts

10x growth in just six years

Creative Partner developed a customised project management system for LinjeProff to help manage and organise work tasks, covering safety, quality assurance, project finance, efficiency, fleet, tools, and accounting. The customised project management system exceeded the client’s needs and grew into an entire tool that helped LinjeProff experience a 10-fold increase in work volume in just 6 years. This allowed the company to remain competitive, quick, and effective in the market after implementing the system.
Creative Partner helped us achieve 10x growth in 6 years. Highly recommend their reliable service and positive experience!

Gediminas Paulauskas,
LinjeProff AS,
COO at Linjeproff


E-learning platform for customs knowledge

We’re proud to have developed CustomsClear’s e-learning platform. The solution utilises cutting-edge technology to offer users personalised learning paths and courses, providing comprehensive coverage of customs procedures, tariffs, and regulations. A multilingual interface ensures that users worldwide can access information in their preferred language.

Multilingual capabilities
3+ years
In the market
Articles & Courses
Experts on the platform
The platform provides CustomsClear users with personalised learning paths and courses, available in multiple languages. Additionally, we have included a feature that allows users to create and submit their own articles. If approved, publishers can receive a percentage of the affiliate revenue generated from their article. Furthermore, the e-learning platform integrates affiliate links that track purchases made through them, allowing independent publishers to earn money from their articles.
Creative Partner skillfully brought our idea to life. We’re thrilled with the final product that saves users time and effort while delivering significant value to our business.

Enrika Naujokė,


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